It’s so important (and so simple we wonder why nobody did this before)

Sellers Get

Best Prices

Don't worry. You'll get top dollar when you sell your used smartphone.

No, really!

Everyone says they have the best prices. How does Cellbie deliver? We have an online marketplace of buyers, and we sell your phone in real time to the highest “bidder”. Also, see No Surprises.

Buyers Get

No Surprises

When you buy used smartphones, you'll get exactly what you want.

You can relax

Buyers can offer top prices, because they get exactly what they pay for. Advanced point-of-trade technology means make, model and storage are all correct, and diagnostic tests are completed.

Everyone Gets

Safety and Security

No personal data. No locks. No stolen phones.

Trust Us

Every device is restored to factory settings. Locked devices are screened out and we check the GSMA database to ensure that blacklisted phones are never traded via Cellbie.

Today’s Low Trade-in Prices

Traditional trade-in prices are low because Trade-ins are handled through closed, one-to-one contracts with Trade-in companies. There’s no competition or incentive to improve pricing. It’s largely a holdover from the days when used devices had no residual value and just needed to be recycled.

The Cellbie Marketplace

Cellbie improves prices by connecting Sellers to multiple Buyers. When a device is connected to the Cellbie Trade-in system, it’s identified, tested and graded, and sold instantly to the Buyer with the highest price.

Cellbie doesn’t buy or sell phones. We simply connect buyers and sellers!

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