Thanks for the value that Cellbie provides and the MASSIVE problem it solves for businesses trying to hunt down quality used phones. You’ve made that process so unbelievably easy!”

John @ KW Laptops and Smartphones

Instant access

Cellbie doesn’t buy or sell mobile phones – we simply connect the companies and people who do. Once you’ve set up a Cellbie Buyer’s account and created your online price list, you’re in the running for every device that gets traded-in at our Hosts’ locations.


There’s no uncertainty regarding make, model, storage or physical condition. No FMiP or Google FRP locks or blacklisted devices, which means there’s no need to lower your prices to accommodate discrepancies. Better yet, there’s no long, painful reconciliation process.

You’re in control

We offer a modern interface so you can manage device pricing easily. Have an urgent need for a particular device type? Increase your price slightly and you’ll have them soon enough. Got plenty of another device? Remove it from your price list and receive no more!

How to become a Cellbie Buyer

1. Send us your info

Fill in the form below and we’ll get started. You’ll be up and running in no time. We’ll need some basic information in order ensure a good fit with our Trade-in program and to configure your Cellbie system.

2. We’ll get you set up

We’ll provide you with a Cellbie account from which you can manage your buying. We’ll train you and set up a payment method appropriate for your buying plan. We’ll work with you to create your price list and activate your account.

3. Receive phones

As devices are made available in the Cellbie Marketplace, you’ll win them whenever your price is the best in the market. You’ll be able to monitor your success in real time, and devices will be shipped to you. We’ll bill you for devices you receive on a bi-weekly basis. There are no additional charges. Cellbie’s small transaction fees are included in the prices you set in your pricing table.

Get on board!

Become a Cellbie Buyer!