Cellbie Retail


Cellbie is the world’s most open and advanced device Trade-in platform. It delivers a safe and efficient market for used mobile devices, unlocking consumer value, while reducing retailer costs and connecting partners. It’s a platform that supports buying, selling and servicing of used smartphones by retailers, carriers and online customers. It provides the infrastructure to overcome the technical challenges, price uncertainty and trust issues prevalent today.

An Open Market

Legacy Trade-in programs are one-to-one, seller to buyer relationships. Cellbie Trade provides access to the broadest selection of used mobile device buyers, guaranteeing competitive pricing.

Mostly for historical reasons (used devices were seen primarily as a disposal problem), Trade-in programs were built as private contracts between wireless retailers and device recycling companies. This was a simple solution, but as the market has evolved, it’s failed to meet the challenge of delivering competitive pricing for used devices.

Today, used devices can be worth hundreds of dollars to the right buyer. Cellbie Trade connects buyers of all kinds to sellers via wireless retail outlets. It does this through a single, unified interface that’s integrated with tools already commonly used in wireless retail.

Technology at the Edge

Legacy trade-in programs are built on dated technologies that waste time and money. Cellbie Trade puts modern technology at the point of device acquisition to eliminate waste and keep the money in the ecosystem.

Legacy trade-in programs involve a lot of wheel-spinning. Used devices are purchased at retail locations, but only tested and graded at remote warehouses. Locked devices and deviations from reported conditions result in write-offs, reconciliations and unnecessary shipping. All of these costs are subtracted from the offer price for used devices, causing consumers to leave valuable devices in drawers, where they slowly depreciate to zero.

Cellbie Trade uses leading edge technology at the retail trade-in location to eliminate unnecessary shipping, write-offs and reconciliations. These technologies are made available as easy-to-follow workflows that complement the in-store environment and turn retail associates into wireless experts. Device recognition, lock-checks and diagnostics are all managed simply and objectively.

The “Social” Feedback Loop

Cellbie uses “social” principles and technologies for communication and to close feedback loops. This ensures that everyone involved in mobile device transactions stays on the same page.

When you’re working as part of a team, the feedback of others on your team is the best way to know how you’re doing. Cellbie enables buyers to provide feedback to the retail associates who are on the front line, working with customers to assess and trade-in their devices. By doing this in a precise and constructive manner, the process stays tight and converges on peak performance.