Cellbie Enterprise


If you’re responsible for an Enterprise mobile phone portfolio, you probably turn over batches of devices regularly. A Cellbie-equipped Partner can ensure you’re getting the highest credit for returns, lowering your overall portfolio cost. Better yet, the process is faster and simpler than legacy methods.

Secure and Compliant

We understand that all Enterprises are fanatical about their data, but each has its own procedures to protect it. That’s why we’ve built solutions to accommodate the diverse needs of different industry segments. As a starting point, no device is ever traded to the Cellbie market without first being wiped of all data. Need to ensure that on-device data doesn’t leave your premises? Our on-site service takes care of that. Do you require device destruction for especially sensitive devices? We manage that. Need proof that your processes have been complied with? Our reporting includes details of every device and every step of the process. Never fear a security audit again! Cellbie Enterprise is simple, secure and compliant.

Do-It-Yourself or Managed Service

If minimizing your wireless expenses is your goal, then running the Cellbie solution in-house is the best solution for you. Cellbie Enterprise maximizes asset recovery value, and it’s fast and efficient. If simplicity combined with peace of mind is the priority, then our Managed Service solution delivers what you’re looking for. If you’re already working with a Telecom Expense Manager (TEM), let us know. We work with lots of TEMs and would be happy to partner with yours.