Cellbie Repair


The ultimate package for the wireless repair professional delivering full service to modern mobile users. Staying out front in one of the world’s fastest-moving industries means anticipating and meeting the needs of your customers. Take a big step in that direction by offering Cellbie Repair.

Repair Check-in

When a customer drops off their device for repair, be sure you’ve checked for impending problems that could be fixed at the same time.

The Repair Check-in process focuses on battery health and storage availability – two common problem areas. By assessing these areas prior to completing repairs, you can eliminate the need for the customer to make a second visit, by identifying and solving impending problems before they become urgent.

The Repair Check-in process solidifies your position as a mobile device expert, enabling you to provide meaningful information and practical, cost-effective solutions to the most common customer problems.

QA Check

This automated diagnostics flow provides comprehensive post-repair testing. The report inspires customer confidence, reflecting your professionalism.

Even highly qualified technical staff appreciate tools that help ensure that nothing gets missed. The automated QA Check diagnostic flow ensures that every device you repair is thoroughly tested before it’s returned to the customer. Tech to tech, and store to store, you can be confident that every device is being processed consistently and your brand is being enhanced.