Solutions for Sellers

Cellbie solutions are available for Carriers/Wireless Retailers, Enterprise/B2B Traders and Wireless Repair Professionals. 

I’d like to take a second to say that your service has been great. We’re very happy with how fast you treat our requests and questions!

Jennifer, Corporate Support Director, Cellcom


Designed for carriers and wireless retailers. It puts access to Cellbie’s marketplace at your Retail Associates’ fingertips, where it becomes a natural part of the sales and service process. The Cellbie Retail flow is simple, quick and thorough, and enables you to provide your customers with the highest trade-in value in the industry.

Go Retail!


A comprehensive package of advanced tools to support the Enterprise upgrade and buyback process. B2B Dealers, Telecom Expense Managers (TEMS) and Enterprises who manage their own devices love the excellent pricing combined with quote tools, quick and simple processing, and comprehensive reporting.

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Built in collaboration with leading edge mobile device repair chains. Along with Cellbie’s trade-in service, it includes automated Repair Check-in and QA Check process flows that enable you to access additional revenue opportunities while building trust and an unrivaled reputation for tech-savvy professionalism.

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