Apple Gets Bitten

Tell me it ain’t so Apple. Throttling the device I own due to “battery issues”? Apple recently confirmed what iPhone users have long suspected: older generation phones experience a significant decrease in performance when upgraded to newer Operating System versions. Things aren’t always as they appear on the surface, however, and Apple’s intentions might have been good. After all, most of us would rather have a device operate at reduced performance than simply shut down. Nevertheless, customers and consumer advocacy groups were outraged by the apparent lack of transparency. Just over a week later, the company was forced to formally apologize for the mix-up.

Apple Bites Back

To appease disgruntled customers, Apple announced that it would reduce the price of its battery replacements through the end of the year for iPhones with an expired warranty. But the damage is already done for some customers. Multiple lawsuits have already been filed against the company, alleging that Apple “knowingly misled consumers about battery problems in an effort to get them to upgrade to the latest iPhone models.” With millions of iPhone users impacted, there are bound to be long lines at the Apple store.

Line-ups Bite

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Free the Phones!

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