While toiling diligently in the back rooms of the wireless industry, we learned an interesting thing. Most people who sign a service contract with a mobility provider don’t realize that at the end of the term (typically two years) their phone could have substantial residual value. A startling percentage of us just excitedly pick out our next new device, then return home to stick the old one in a drawer – usually a life sentence!

While that made sense when cellphones were simple and cheap, today’s smartphones come with big price tags and much higher residual value. It begs the question why would users – individuals with one or two devices or enterprises with hundreds or thousands – stash them away or surrender them to their carriers without recouping that remaining value? Would we trade in a car or a fleet of corporate vehicles without expecting credit for the current worth?

That thinking is what led us to launch Cellbie with the goal of modernizing and professionalizing the marketplace for used mobile devices. We apply advanced technologies right in the store, so your phone can be precisely assessed, and its value determined. It’s then instantly sold to someone paying you top market value and wiped clean of any personal or corporate data. It’s quick, simple and it all happens within a safe environment – no posting online or meeting strangers in parking lots to complete a sale.

In addition to improving sales transactions, many devices are saved from recycling or junking which will ultimately make for a greener world. And retailers and service providers create a whole new way of bringing people into their retail outlets and still capture some revenue from returned or recycled phones.

At Cellbie, we think it’s not only time to free the phones, it’s time to free ourselves from the traditional thinking behind the current mobile marketplace. Join us on this journey of disruption by reading our blog and by following us on social media.