At Cellbie, we think it’s time to Free the Phones! Deloitte Global has tabled some stats and predictions that support the burgeoning market for used smartphones by 2020 and beyond. Businesses and consumers deserve a trusted and efficient marketplace provided by Cellbie.

The recent Deloitte study predicts that at least 10 percent of premium smartphones valued at $500 or more purchased new in 2016 will end up having three or more owners before being retired, and will still be actively used in 2020 and beyond. Deloitte also says that they expect the practice of selling and buying used smartphones will accelerate through 2020.

The study predicts that specialist companies may emerge to forecast trade-in values after one, two or more years of ownership, similar to the equivalent service providers in the auto industry. The mobile marketplace could lead to creation of new opportunities and new jobs that have yet to be imagined.

Carriers and retailers have an important role to play – and a major opportunity – in making buying and selling of used devices mainstream. By adopting best tools and practices for assessing smartphone valuation, reducing unnecessary recycling, and facilitating buying and selling of devices on an open market, carriers and retailers can provide increased value for their enterprise and consumer customers.

It’s never a bad thing to attract more customers who are likely to spend incremental dollars on enhancements, accessories, or trade-ups. It’s a natural benefit of implementing a new mobile device marketplace. Smarter business for buying and selling used smartphones.